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Pandae Storage Catalogue

Make the most of our years of experience supporting leading companies in all branches of industry. We speak your language!

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Pandae Workshop Catalogue

Maintaining deadlines, performance and budgets safeguards your investment. In addition we produce detailed plans and our project manager onsite is there to ensure they are observed.

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Pandae Green Solutions

Choosing the right accredited partner can be a minefield, is the waste getting disposed of as it should be! Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business. We can help. 

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Pandae Storage Introduction

Pandae Workshop Solutions helps create ideal working conditions thereby increasing employees’ productivity. A well designed product solution means that restructuring the workshop is no longer a problem.

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Pandae Super Mezzanine Parking Floors Catalogue

Dramatically increase the number of parking bays at your dealership without having to increase the size of the premises. More parking for serviced vehicles + more parking for vehicle stock = more sales and better client service.

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Pandae Storage Container Conversion Catalogue

The container workstation / workshop can become a fully self-sufficient field operation or you can integrate it into your existing infrastructure – as a facility for maintenance repairs, parts storage, oil dispensing, mobile offices, ablutions and as any other buildings you wish.

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Pandae Modular Workstations Catalogue

Pandae modular workstation solutions brings order to your workshop.

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