Pandae Green Solutions offers on-site Waste Management Solutions, ensuring you comply with The National Waste Information Regulations.

Under the law, all companies must apply to the Department of Environmental Affairs for registration on the South African Waste Information System (SAWIS). Once registered,they are required to submit a quarterly report on their waste and recycling activities. Companies should also keep all records of submitted waste management information for a period of five years.

store-what-you-needTo ensure compliance, Pandae Green Solutions experts assess a company’s waste stream and develop an appropriate, customised waste diversion programme. An optimal waste collection station is designed and waste management equipment required on site, such as waste stands, mini steel skips, sorting tables, bulk storage racking is supplied. Trained Pandae personnel are stationed on site to collect and sort all waste into various categories ready to be collected and disposed of by approved recycling and waste removal companies. Pandae ensures best pricing is received for all its clients’ recycled waste and, in many cases, the income generated pays for the facility. An auditable monthly Management Report is then compiled by Pandae Green Solution as part of Pandae’s Service Level Agreement, detailing the volumes of waste collected from all businesses. The waste results are recorded on the SAWIS website, ensuring full adherence by the client company to the regulations.

Pandae Green Solutions Value Added Services

  • Pest Control
  • Disposal – Florescent Tubes
  • Monthly Warranty Parts Disposal
  • Independent Special Tool Audit
  • On-site Paper Shredding – Poppy Act Compliant
  • Tyre Disposal – REDISA Compliant
  • Removal of Wet Waste
  • Removal of Hazardous Waste

While positively assisting businesses and ensuring their peace of mind, Pandae is also able to provide a substantial number of much needed jobs for general workers and supervisors in South Africa. The company recognises Black Economic Empowerment and is committed to a process of progressive transformation, calling on its clients to join forces and do some good in their communities.

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